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About Earth Carbon Foundation

Empower your journey to net-zero: Actionable solutions for individuals & organizations.

Empower your journey to net-zero: Actionable solutions for individuals & organizations. Every small drop contributes to the ocean, just like that every action counts in the fight against climate change. At Earth Carbon Foundation, we believe individuals and organisations hold immense power to make a real difference. We empower you to take action and achieve net-zero emissions through our measurable, actionable commitments.

Mission: Empowering individuals & organizations to achieve net-zero through measurable, actionable contracts, verified through carbon offsets and credits. We transform your footprint through comprehensive tracking, management & minimization, driving a healthier planet for all.

Challenge: Climate change looms large. Rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and rising sea levels demand immediate action. The time for repayment to nature is now. Our Solution: We offer a comprehensive suite of tailored emission-reduction contracts designed to meet your specific needs. Our contracts are: Measurable: We track your carbon footprint accurately and transparently.

Actionable: We provide clear steps to reduce your emissions. Verified: We use high-quality carbon offsets and credits to mitigate your remaining footprint.

Benefits: Individuals: Reduce your personal impact on the environment. Contribute to a healthier planet for future generations. Offset your carbon footprint and achieve your sustainability goals.

Organizations: Meet your sustainability commitments and ESG goals. Reduce your carbon footprint and operational costs. Attract and retain customers who care about sustainability.

What We Offer: Emission-Reduction Contracts: Partner with us to implement tailored contracts that meet your sustainability goals and contribute to a greener future. Carbon Offset Initiatives: Offset your carbon footprint through our verified projects, making a positive impact on the environment while supporting sustainable development.

Comprehensive Tracking & Management: Our expert team provides comprehensive tracking and management services to help you effectively monitor and minimize your carbon footprint.

Join Us in the Fight Against Climate Change: Together, we can make a difference. Join Earth Carbon Foundation in our mission to create a healthier planet for current and future generations. Explore our website to learn more about our initiatives, get involved, and take action today!

Methodologies / partnerships

Our Contribution

Carbon Emission

in Real time

2732 tCO2e

Globally every second

we emit

1054 tCO2e of Carbon

Our Customers

Amin Maternity Home

First step to Net Zero Journey.

Divyajyoti Trust 1

Most relevant place for environment lovers.

Divyajyoti II

We  love this and have adopted in our second part of our project

Sudhir Kad

The skirt weighed a solid eight pounds. It was like a rug that was sewn together. It was so heavy that it wouldn’t stay tied. The complimentary shirt was so oddly cut. Horrible. I didn’t even bother wearing it.

Sumnish Kad

Excellent services

Palak Shah

Grid Connect Solar

Sumnish Kad Res

Happy to see energy bills 

Dr Uday Gajiwala

Nice work

Mr Vijay Kania


Kartikbhai Res

we have adopted ECF programs 

Kartikbhai Farm House

2nd program at our Farm

Kartikbhai Office

3rd program

Vikram Sheth

Good Job

Jaimish Shah

Professional work.

Rajnibhai Sandesara

Happy to see my Energy bills reducing

Mahavirsinh Mandora

Happy and satisfied

Kailasba Chavda

Savings in Outflow of home budget.

Gram Seva Trust

Really impressive have adopted most of Energy, Waste and water programs.

Case Studies

Divya Jyoti Trust

Generating Carbon credits, adopting 5 SDG Goals, 70% producing own energy, water and disposing waste on site.

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